Luau Christmas Party

So, you’re a youth worker serving in an environment where it never snows and you want to have a fun and “different” Christmas party, unlike any others you have thrown. The Christmas Luau Party is just for you. Advertize it for several weeks and have students wear their most exotic and colorful outfits. The Room […]

Dead Fish Olympics

This event is a blast! It’s incredibly disgusting, but a blast! Here’s how you pull it off. Go to a local Fish Market (seafood restaurants could also work). Give them several 5 gallon buckets and ask them to fill them with extra or un-needed fish. Most will gladly oblige, but might give you a few […]

Skateboard Derby

What happens when a Junior High Director watches the Red Bull Soapbox Race? The idea for Skateboard Derby is birthed. Fair warning: this one requires a bit of prep work, but your kids will love it! Here’s how you pull it off. Start collecting cardboard boxes right away. Simply call furniture stores and the like, […]